How You Can Participate

The PRIT conducts public meetings as part of its efforts to raise awareness about and gain input for its work. If you cannot attend these meetings in person, you may participate using the resources on this page.

We encourage you to use our Library.  There, you may read the same background and recommendations that the PRIT team is considering as a way to participate in this historic reform process.

You may send in your comments related to the topics that the PRIT is deliberating. Per the Board’s May 1st, 2018 motion, the PRIT will be considering your thoughts on the existing recommendations in the reports included in our Library. The PRIT is not authorized by the Board to entertain any new recommendations.

You may also track News Stories about the Probation Reform and Implementation process in our News room.

You can also learn more about the history that preceded the creation of the PRIT and led up to this moment. This includes the Board of Supervisors’ identification of the system issues in need of reform, the ideas offered by the broader community to address them, and Board motions and actions to address them.