Why We Exist

On October 17, 2017, the Board of Supervisors (Board) directed the Chief Executive Officer to lead a workgroup to include County Counsel, the Chief Probation Officer, Auditor-Controller, Office of Inspector General, labor representatives and Board Deputies (Workgroup) and report back in 60 days with “recommendations required to create an independent entity…focused on Probation Department reform and public accountability as well as coordination of existing recommendations and efforts produced to date.”

On April 9, 2018, the Chief Executive Officer submitted a Report-Back to the Board of Supervisors recommending the creation of our team to drive this initiative forward. On May 1, 2018, the Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the CEO’s recommendations and additional steps to establish a Probation Oversight Commission and a comprehensive reform plan for the Probation Department. The Probation Reform and Implementation Team (PRIT) is a temporary entity that is charged with completing the necessary administrative tasks to transform the County’s Probation Commission into the Probation Oversight Commission. This Team will coordinate and prioritize the various recommendations aimed at reforming the Probation Department, and reduce these recommendations to a plan for reform.

This Team will draft the necessary ordinances and agreements to ensure the independence of the POC and its investigatory function. It will act as the bridge during the operationalization of the POC. It will establish a solid foundation and structure for the POC so that this permanent oversight body will enter its role with a well-thought out plan for reform and a clear path to follow.

A central feature to support the Probation Department on its journey towards becoming the model agency in the country is robust community engagement. For example, the POC will host periodic community forums or townhalls to provide a platform to raise issues and updates regarding reforms in the Probation Department. The POC will provide a forum for community residents and stakeholders to present complaints involving systemic issues driven by Departmental policy. It will periodically report to the Board regarding the progress on reform efforts, recommendations, and/or other areas of interest to the Board. The PRIT will make other recommendations to the Board that require and guide the Department towards meaningful participation by LA County residents in its transformation and ongoing work.

History of Board Action and Community Input on Reforming Probation

This County web site includes video, meeting agendas, and in some cases audio to previous steps in the Probation reform effort. We encourage you to use these resources to learn more about these steps.

The final report of the 2016 Working Group submitted to the Board of Supervisors is available below. This report was reviewed by RDA, and subsumed into its final Probation Governance Study under consideration by the PRIT.