Probation Reform and Implementation Team


The PRIT has completed their work and has submitted their final recommendations. To learn more, please visit the Probation Oversight Commission website at Probation Oversight Commission > Home (


On May 1, 2018, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Probation Reform and Implementation Team (PRIT), as part of an ongoing and focused effort to reform the LA County Probation Department. The team was charged with transforming the existing Probation Commission into a Probation Oversight Commission (POC) and coordinating existing recommendations for systemic reform of the Probation Department into a comprehensive plan.

The PRIT was a temporary body made up of nine people, including five appointees (one from each LA County Supervisorial District), a representative from the Probation Department, a representative from the Office of County Counsel, a representative from the Chief Executive Office and a Consultant Chair.

The Probation Oversight Commission

The PRIT was charged with creating a new entity in County government called the Probation Oversight Commission (POC). POC is an independent body that advises the Probation Department and advises and monitors the Department for the Board of Supervisors. POC serves as a liaison and mediator between the Probation Department, residents, and community-based organizations to address issues impacting Departmental policy/practice or the impacts of those policies/practices on the community.